Branding Option - Woven Label - Multiple Colours

Woven labels are one of our favourite methods to brand our products as they are discrete and of excellent quality and can be used in conjunction with other methods of branding a fabric based product.

  • Made to any size.
  • Costed by the size you require.
  • Typically folded to create a double sided effect and sewn into the side seam.
  • Can be sewn flat to a product.
  • Any number of spot colours available.

Size of label tends to dictate costs so we would need to understand the size of label that you would want showing outside of the product seam.  We can also sew the woven labels flat onto the surface of a product though it keeps your costs lower if sewn into a side seam.

Typically a side seam woven label would be about 2cm to 6cm wide, with a depth depending on the logo of 1cm to 5cm though the precise choice can be open to your own ideas.  We have made huge labels before for some clients where they want the quality label standing out against the product almost as the main attraction.

We would tend to need 1cm extra creating on the edge of a label to sew into a seam, or an area of around 3mm as a border if sewing flat onto a surface to allow for the stitching.

Most seam based labels tend to be woven flat, then folded and creased over so that 2 sides of the label would show in a loop coming out of a product though this is not always required.

Best to send us your designs so that we can advise you properly though so make sure any font used is at least 7pt in size as smaller than this will not show very well or be legible.

MOQ for woven labels is 1000 units though if you are in need of smaller quantities of products, we can always give you any surplus labels we have left at the end of manufacture, or store them here in case you repeat order in the future.

Woven label shown in 2 colours sewn into a product side seam