Headrest Covers


At BMPM® we manufacture Custom Headrest Covers to be used as promotional products for a wide range of branding and promotional needs. Sometimes referred to as Antimacassars, Custom Headrest Covers are used on the back of a variety of seats to provide a layer of protection to the chair, for added comfort and of course to promote a brand or logo.

Perfect for use on office chairs, cinema seats, or in cars, coaches and trains, Custom Headrest Covers can be used anywhere where seating is available to showcase a logo, promote a brand message or to reserve seating for VIP guests.

Made to order in the UK we offer Full Colour Custom Headrest Covers as branded items with full-colour dye sublimation print, 1 colour head rest covers with vinyl film branding, embroidery and low-cost Disposable Headrest Covers plain stock options to suit the needs of any brief and client. Antimacassars are available with Velcro (Hook or Loop) or Elastic fastening to fit any size or shaped chair or seating.

Our Custom Headrest Covers are promotional products available from just 1 unit and with fast turnaround here in the UK.

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