Environment Policy

Clear Prospects Ltd as a responsible company cares not only for its customers, its suppliers and staff but also for the environment.

Products & Services

We will minimise the impact of our products by making our designs as efficient as possible in terms of the raw materials and manufacturing process, also working closely with our suppliers where possible.

Waste Minimisation

Best use of resouces will be made where possible particularly in areas such as packaging, water efficiency and manufacturing operations. All raw material waste is recycled wherever possible and the company actively uses recycling skips at the premises for cardboard and other separately identifiable items such as plastics and wood etc. Printer cartridges are sent via a special collection box within the premises for recycling.

Green Materials

If practically possible we will use environmentally friendly raw materials or services from ethically trading companies that are aware of the environment. Recycled products may be used in certain circumstances where suitable and this includes the consideration for using second hand products such as used cardboard for packaging. All suppliers are asked about their own trading policies and these are taken into consideration when appointing such companies. Poly based packaging carries the required recycling logo and we are registered in a number of European countries under the recycling requirements. An example of this would be Der Grune Punkt which is the German scheme notified on all our packaging materials. We report annually to these country based schemes and actively pay for the recycling of our own produced raw materials.


Open discussions will be held with our staff and suppliers on any issues relating to the environment and alternative methods will be actively encouraged. An open mind is kept at all times with regard to costs, efficiency and the effects on the environment.