Disability Discrimination Act (DDA):

Clear Prospects Ltd is committed to the DDA and every aspect of both legal and ethical trading. A workplace that provides an environment where all disabled people can enjoy a quality of working life as equal citizens is important to the continuation of our business. Our commitment to this policy has been reinforced by the introduction of the DDA.

We will undertake reviews of the accessibility of our goods to disabled people and act upon these reviews. If we foresee any particular problem or issue, we will, where possible seek the input from disabled people to improve the goods where possible.

As always, we remain open to suggestion at any time throughout a product lifecylce.

Our product packaging provides all customers with direct access to the source web site and email in order to actively encourage communication with our company including product use, improvements and customer suggestions in general.

Reasonable steps will be taken to ensure that our premises and the physical environment remain accessible and safe for all able and disabled people in accordance with our Health & Safetly Policy.

Additional steps will be taken to keep in mind the requirements of disabled people. All staff will be made aware of the needs of any disabled personnel working within the company though of course, confidentiality and the involvement of the disabled person themselves will be first consideration.

Other legal requirements:

We undertake special investigation to ensure our products are legally viable in all the countries where we have trade distribution. Examples of this would include the registration of our company under the American Law Labelling scheme. Our products are registered (license number PA- ) and as such are validly offered for sale throughout the USA.

We are also registered under the different European recycling schemes such as Der Grune Punkt (see Environment).

Finally we ensure that the fibres we use within our pillows, for example, are registered under the Furniture and Furnishings Fire Safety Regulations UK and are accredited with BS5850 in this respect.