Branding Option - Vinyl "Flock" Film - Single Colour

We use a special "flock" vinyl film to create logo's or text for fleece fabric or fabric with a raised pile.

  • Flock vinyl film has a slightly raised surface and is very tactile.
  • Used for cutting simple logo's, shapes and text.
  • Typically for smaller quantities or where in-house fast turnaround is needed.
  • Heat pressed onto fleece fabric products.
  • Stock colours only and cannot pantone match.
  • Swatches of the colours available on request.

Typically flock vinyl would be used on relatively small quantities as it is a very labour intentsive process though is often the only method to brand fleece fabric with a good quality finish.

Flock vinyl can be plotter cut to almost any size though a roll height of 41cm is the maximum, and cut to any width.  Smaller logos are sometimes hard to be cut using this method though if you have any requirement for branding onto fleece fabric, please do send us your logo and we can advise if it is suitable for the size and quantity you need.

Screen printing onto fleece fabric is used by manu companies as a cheap alternative but in our opinion it looks awful because of the fabric, hence our suggestion to go with vinyl flock film.

An alternative would be a woven label that we can create to be sewn into the side seam or flat onto a product where fleece is used as the fabric.

Multiple colours of flock vinyl can be used on occasion though each colour is cut and created seperately so hand placed using a template onto the heat presses.  If you have a need for more than 1 colour, please do send us the logo to look at as unfortunately, more often than not it will not be possible to use flock vinyl as the process.

Flock vinyl film branded logos will beok in a standard 40 degree washing machine.

Vinyl flock film used to brand logos onto Fleece Fabric (shown here in white)