As a manufacturer of suit carriers we can make your garment protector to any shape and size and from many fabric colour options to suit most budgets.  This product is our lowest cost suit cover and is made from low cost but reasonably tough non woven fabric for promotional use.

  • British Made suit carriers.
  • MOQ from 1 unit.
  • Full length or shorter to order.
  • Standard 90cm tall 70cm wide.
  • Pillow case style opener at the base.
  • Zip and handles are optional extras.
  • Low cost non-woven fabric.
  • Colour options.
  • Plain stock only.

NB Zip option only available on MOQ 100 units.

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Brand Owners and Distributors please register or log in to display and order at trade prices. Individuals may order below at £10.00 + VAT (RRP) without registering. Set up Fees will only apply if you choose to have this item printed.

Ordering and Options

Our lowest cost suit cover or garment cover is British Made and designed to keep costs as low as possible for your own promotional merchandise use.


  • Targeted at the low cost yet British Made markets for promotional or disposable use.
  • Pillow case opener at the bottom of the carrier as standard with opening at the top for a coat hanger to come through.
  • A front full length zip opener is available as an option for orders of 100 units minimum order quantity.
  • Handles are also an optional extra.  They are cut by hand to approximately 40mm wide and available in black or white only.  They are made in non woven fabric, are not hemmed and are intended to be a very low cost optional extra.
  • Non woven fabric does not fray and therefore we do not hem the seams to keep costs low.
  • Small quantities are made in the UK and available in a variety of stocked fabric colours as shown on our web site.  We only hold limited quantity of the coloured fabric though black and white colours are available in all quantities.  
  • Larger quantities can be made to order in our far east factory though the MOQ is 5000 units.  Costs are available on request and receipt of your brief.

This suit cover is supplied plain stock only. The non woven fabric can be screen printed though we do not offer this service in house and suggest using your own screen printer. We also suggest a swatch of the fabric is sent for testing at your printer before ordering.

Branding Option - Screen Printing  
A screen printed bag printed before manufacture to create and edge to edge look

Screen Printing is one of the cheapest forms of branding onto fabric and is best used when the fabric is of a flat nature eg onto polycotton or cotton fabrics.

  • Low cost option for branding onto fabric.
  • Can be printed to panels of fabric prior to...
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Can these items be screen printed ?

Yes. We do not screen print in-house so suggest that you arrange for the product to be screen printed at your own supplier.  We have found with other clients that they can be successfully screen printed though we suggest you order a sample product (please buy online here) or email us for a swatch of fabric for testing.  We offer no printing on this item in-house.

Are the suit carriers waterproof ?

No. The man-made fabric is tough and resiliant but is not guaranteed to be water proof or resistant.  If you are unsure, please order a sample or free swatch of the fabric in the colour of your choice.

What is the minimum order quantity of this item ?

Please register for access to the trade pricing and you will then see that the MOQ is from just 1 unit.

How fast can you deliver ?

We have a number of delivery options though please note we do not hold stock at all of this item.  Everything is made to order and we like to have 3-7 weeks notice if at all possible on regular quantity orders.  We will of course try to accomodate you if you have shorter lead times so please get in touch so we can check our production schedule.  We have been known to turn around very fast indeed.

Brand Owners and Distributors please register or log in to display and order at trade prices. Individuals may order below at £10.00 + VAT (RRP) without registering. Set up Fees will only apply if you choose to have this item printed.

Directors review of the budget garment covers

These covers serve a purpose, are all made to order in the UK and are made from relatively tough non woven fabric that we hold in a variety of colours. Small quantities can be manufactured relatively quickly and all costs are intended to be as low as possible.

17th March 2014 by Michael Robinson
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