Pure Cotton Tea Towel (Large 78cm x 45cm)

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Pure Cotton Tea Towel (Large 78cm x 45cm)Pure Cotton Tea Towel (Large 78cm x 45cm)
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British Made pure cotton Tea Towels made as promotional merchandise for any culinary based promotions or campaigns.

  • British Made to order.
  • Large size 78cm* x 45cm.
  • Available in pure white as standard.
  • Optional natural coloured fabric for orders over 500 units.
  • Approx. 190gsm weight premium fabric.
  • Plain stock only.

* Please see the Details Tab for size information.

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Ordering and Options

Tea Towels made in premium grade pure white cotton are a lovely tactile and crisp linen feel promotional merchandise product that we make to order as a British Made product.

We include our exclusive British Made Promotional Merchandise label free of charge on all tea towels unless you request specifically for this not to be sewn into the item.  We believe it important to let your customers know the item was indeed British Made and we hope you agree with our pride.

At present we can only supply our Tea Towels as plain stock as our screen printers can only print to a smaller area than the overall large size of the product.  For smaller quantities we could print in-house using vinyl film or heat transfer though you should note that this process stops the fabric being water absorbant where the logo will be.


  • Fabric roll size varies from approximately 77cm to 79cm depending on the production batch.  The "78cm" mentioned in our product specification is therefore approximate and a guide only.  This measurement cannot be made accurate as it is how the fabric arrives.
  • We cut the depth of the tea-towel fabric to order and create a "45cm" dimension and this element is within our control and is hemmed though will again produce an approximate dimension.
  • If you require very precise measurements this may be achieved if you contact us in advance though this takes much more time to sew and will therefore attract a premium price.
  • Our measurements are good and as accurate as we can so do not be overly concerned as the measurements in each roll vary usually by only a tiny amount as a guide.

Printing to tea-towels for promotional use tends to be done by screen printing to keep costs low and also to maintain the water absorbancy of the product. As we are not screen printers, we only offer plain stock tea towels and suggest that when ordering, you have the towels delivered direct to your own screen printers.

For very small quantity orders of less than 100 units it may be possible for us to do single colour vinyl film prints or heat transfers though these will have to be small in size, perhaps within a maximum of A5 size as these types of printing will prevent the fabric from absorbing water and being used effectively. Screen printers can print a lot larger to the face of the tea towel.

For large orders over 10k units we can achieve an all over print in any number of colours by using our overseas partner factory.

Can these tea towels be made to a larger size ?

Yes.  Our fabric is constrained at the weaving stage to a maximum of 78cm though the other width can be made to any size you require.  Please contact us for costs.

Are the tea towels hemmed on all edges ?

No. The tea towel is hemmed on the 2 longer edges only.  The other 2 sides have a special weave in them to stop them fraying so the finished item will not fray.

Are other colour fabrics available ?

Yes.  We can make the tea towels in a natural colour for 500+ units. We do not have other fabrics colours other than black available for tea towels.

Can the tea-towels be printed with a logo ?

Yes.  Please see the Branding tab for information.

Brand Owners and Distributors please register or log in to display and order at trade prices. Individuals may order below at £4.00 + VAT (RRP) without registering. Set up Fees will only apply if you choose to have this item printed.

Directors Review of the British Made Tea Towel

These tea towels are made using premium grade pure cotton and make a lovely promotional product for any food based event and are sewn here in our UK factory as a British Made Tea Towel.

15th August 2014 by Michael Robinson
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