Promotional Travel Pillow - 30cm x 20cm with optional logo print

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A Small Low Cost Promotional Travel Pillow promotional merchandise for travelling, camping or for promotional use in retail or at events.

  • British Made Pillow / Cushion.
  • 30cm x 20cm size.
  • Many fabric and colour options.
  • Filled with luxury polyester fibre (BS8450).
  • Sewn closed once filled to keep costs low.
  • Branding logo print options.
  • Optional removable cover option for cleaning.
  • From 1 unit minimum order quantity.
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Set up - Embroidery£30
Set up - Vinyl Film£25

Ordering and Options

We were asked to make a travel pillow that would be used as a camping pillow or a summer rock festival cushion and decided that the simplest of pillows, made smaller and light weight, but with enough fibre filling for a great nights sleep would be the solution - no need to make matters more complicated. Measuring only 30cm x 20cm and with just the right amount of luxury polyester fibre, this travel cushion is perfect for a good night's sleep when out and about. We make all our travel pillows to order and can offer a good variety of fabric covers and colours all for the same price. Use our travel cushion for many promotional merchandise uses including camping, outdoors, travel in the car or when you go overseas. Perfect for adults and children. Our small travel cushions come also with the option to have a removeable cover for washing. When selected, we make the inner stuffed cushion from a fabric of our choice at the time of your order and insert the inner cushion into the outer cover at the time of manufacture.

There are a number of ways to brand this product which are shown below as a guide.

The image and descriptions are generic but should help you understand how it may look on your product.

If you have any special requirements, please email us your brief.

Branding Option - Vinyl "Flock" Film - Single Colour  
Vinyl flock film used to brand logos onto Fleece Fabric (shown here in white)

We use a special "flock" vinyl film to create logo's or text for fleece fabric or fabric with a raised pile.

  • Flock vinyl film has a slightly raised surface and is very tactile.
  • Used for cutting simple logo's, shapes and text....
Read more
Branding Option - Embroidery  
Embroidery used to brand logos onto fleece and other fabrics

Embroidery is the classic way to brand textile products and it best suited on larger pieces of promotional merchandise where a quality look and feel is required.

  • Low MOQ 100 units for embroidery.
  • Costs depend on stitch count and therefore size of...
Read more
Branding Option - Woven Label - Multiple Colours  
Woven label shown in 2 colours sewn into a product side seam

Woven labels are one of our favourite methods to brand our products as they are discrete and of excellent quality and can be used in conjunction with other methods of branding a fabric based product.

  • Made to any size.
  • Costed by the size you...
Read more
Branding Option - Plain Stock  
Plain stock products supplied so you can arrange your own branding

We recognise that many of our clients would prefer to take plain stock and organise the branding independently.

  • Products supplied packed in bulk cartons.
  • Sent to you or your printers / embroidery company direct.
  • Cost savings if you...
Read more

Why is the removeable cover for washing an option ?

Some people are happy to pay a little extra for this option though conversely people who aren't bothered by the removeable cover should benefit from less manufacture cost.  As we are the factory that makes the products, we are happy to share any efficiencies in manufacture to help keep costs down for our customers.

Can I save space when travelling ?

The small travel cushion is small as it is though will come to no harm in being squashed into backpacks or other tight spaces when you are on the move.  The fibres we use to fill the cushion are spiral formed and spring back to life when unpacked.

Can I print onto the cushion ?

This depends on the print spec, the colours, the fabric and the quantity so while we are developing our site, please email us with your brief if you are unsure from the descriptions on our site.

Are the cushions FR ?

No.  We believe at the time of writing that "scatter cushions" which is what these are ie loose cushions, do not have to be FR.  However the fibre inside has to meet the Furniture Fire Safety Regulations which our fibre does. If you would like us to use an FR fabric, please email us the specific FR standard that the fabric has to meet, the colour you require and the type of fabric so that we can cost this accordingly.  Last time we manufactured using an FR fabric, the costs doubled and we needed a MOQ of 500 units as a guide.


Brand Owners and Distributors please register or log in to display and order at trade prices. Individuals may order below at £7.25 + VAT (RRP) without registering. Set up Fees will only apply if you choose to have this item printed.

Set up - Embroidery£30
Set up - Vinyl Film£25
Perfect sized cushion I needed a very small cushion to protect my pale leather car seats from being damaged by dark coloured belts. These travel pillows are the perfect size with good quality removable cotton covers. I chose the colour to match my car and they look fab!
5th October 2018 by Bev
Great! Excellent jjust what I wanted. A small portable pillow for picnics. Quick despatch no complaints. THANKS
20th April 2018 by JC72
Small cushion

Bought this cushion for use as a back pack on my Harley Davidson - and it's exactly as advertised: small compact and or me comfortable!
So it does what it says on the proverbial tin.

17th September 2014 by JC
I love my small travel cushion

Excellent customer service arrived quickly - cushion feels lovley and soft cannot wait to use it on my holiday.

29th August 2014 by
Small Travel Cushion

We ordered a number of branded travel cushions and were so pleased with the end result. Michael talked me through the process and was able to provide great recommendations.

11th November 2013 by
Directors Review of the Small Travel Cushions

This is our lowest cost British Made cushion option and is a great promotional merchandise cushion for general use.

We manufacture to order and make them usually to our standard size, though if you want them any size that is smaller, its the same price, or if you want them bigger, no problem at all but let us know the size to cost for you.

As a guide we print before we sew and then fill the cushion and sew it closed to keep costs as low as possible for your campaign. Adding removable covers for cleaning is a great way to increase the perceived value of the cushion and we make these without zips in a pillow-case style again to keep costs as low as we can.

These are great and versatile cushions and can be used for all sorts of campaigns, whether it is travel or sleep related, for use in store or at an event and we have loads of colour choices and fabric styles.

10th April 2013 by Michael Robinson
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