Printed Tablecloth - 300cm deep - any width

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At 300cm x 300cm this is by far our most popular size of Printed Tablecloth. British Made in our own factory and branded with your company logo, text, phrase or strap-line and is perfect for use as Promotional Merchandise.  

  • British Made Promotional Tablecloth.
  • Fast turnaround.
  • Many fabric colour choices.
  • Good quality polycotton drill fabric.
  • Width 300cm x Depth 300cm (discrete centre seam).
  • Branded with your logo or plain stock.
  • Used for exhibitions, presentations and events.
  • MOQ 1 unit.
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Brand Owners and Distributors please register or log in to display and order at trade prices. Individuals may order below at £55.00 + VAT (RRP) without registering. Set up Fees will only apply if you choose to have this item printed.

Set up - Vinyl Film£30

Select nearest larger size, made to any size requested. Centre seam if >145cm deep.

Size as per selection but made to nearest circular shape size.

Ordering and Options

Printed Tablecloths are an invaluable piece of promotional merchandise that can be made to order from only 1 unit.

We manufacture our promotional tablecloths to order so you can choose literally any size.

We have many fabrics to choose from for your printed tablecloth from low cost non woven, light weight cottons, polyesters and premium cotton drills.  If we don't stock it, we can usually buy it in from our selected fabric merchants and manufacture to your own size required.

Colours are not usually an issue either.  We stock many fabric colours from black and whites through to some amazingly vibrant colours.  It is not often possible to pantone match colours though there are many that will suite and be a close match for you.

Branding is no issue either.  We have in-house capability to brand in full colour heat transfer or, as we find looking better, vinyl film where we cut the logo to almost any size from stock colours of film and press onto the fabric.

There are a number of ways to brand this product which are shown below as a guide.

The image and descriptions are generic but should help you understand how it may look on your product.

If you have any special requirements, please email us your brief.

Branding Option - Vinyl Film - Single Colour  
Branding example of a sports bib with 1 colour vinyl film onto the fabric

Vinyl film is a method of branding that we create in-house by the cutting of the logo or text from large sheets of vinyl film (think rolls of plastic).  

  • Great for large or small logos.
  • No backing film so the fabric and logo work perfectly...
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Branding Option - Heat Transfer - White Backing Film  
Heat Transfers shown in 2 colours with plotter cut circular edges

We create heat transfers in-house for smaller runs of branding where more than 1 colour is required, and can be transferred onto flat based fabrics such as polycotton or cottons.

  • Fast in-house branding solution.
  • Perfect for logos with tint and...
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Branding Option - Woven Label - Multiple Colours  
Woven label shown in 2 colours sewn into a product side seam

Woven labels are one of our favourite methods to brand our products as they are discrete and of excellent quality and can be used in conjunction with other methods of branding a fabric based product.

  • Made to any size.
  • Costed by the size you...
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Branding Option - Heat Transfer (Plotter Cut)  
Plotter cut heat transfer shown here on a black exhibition tablecloth

Heat Transfers are made in up to full colour print for textile based Promotional Merchandise and can be plotter cut to shape to create a more effective method of branding large or small format prints.

  • Create your artwork in full colour, high res EPS or PDF...
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Branding Option - Plain Stock  
Plain stock products supplied so you can arrange your own branding

We recognise that many of our clients would prefer to take plain stock and organise the branding independently.

  • Products supplied packed in bulk cartons.
  • Sent to you or your printers / embroidery company direct.
  • Cost savings if you...
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Can the tablecloth be any size ?

Yes. We have made tablecloths at over 7 metres across though there is no limit.

Do the tablecloths have a seam through the middle ?

Any tablecloth that is wider than 148cm will have to have a seam though we ensure that all seams are professionally pressed and lie flat on the table as much as possible.  We purchase all fabrics on rolls at a maximum of 150cm wide which means we have to have a seam on all tablecloths wider than 148cm. 

Which way will the seam go ?

We recommend the seam is made horizontally across the width of the tablecloth so that it looks better on an exhibition table.  If horisontal it usually will also not interfere with any logo or branding we make onto the tablecloth for you.

How large can the branding be on the tablecloth ?

The size of the logo on the exhibition tablecloth will depend on the method of branding we agree to use with you.  Vinyl Film is our preferred method to brand the tablecloth for 1 colour logos or simpler multi coloured logos. Vinyl film is usually a maximum of 48cm tall for the logo but can be any width.  Our main tablecloth photo shows our British Made logo at 160cm wide for example.  Heat Transfer can be used where pantone colour matching is required or full colour or tints and tones and up to a maximum of A3 in size per print.  Screen printing is rarely used on tablecloths as the MOQ is 100 units and restricted to 28cm square in logo size.

Can I have a label sewn onto the tablecloth ?

Yes. We often arrange woven or printed labels that are sewn onto the promotional merchandise tablecloths. Please discuss your requirements with us.

Brand Owners and Distributors please register or log in to display and order at trade prices. Individuals may order below at £55.00 + VAT (RRP) without registering. Set up Fees will only apply if you choose to have this item printed.

Set up - Vinyl Film£30

Select nearest larger size, made to any size requested. Centre seam if >145cm deep.

Size as per selection but made to nearest circular shape size.

Vinyl Printed Table Cloth With Company Logo

Excellent quality tablecloth with vinyl print - pricey but you get what you pay for! The logo was reproduced perfectly and would recommed going with the vinyl option. Communication excellent and ordering process easy and quality contolled. Delivery was superb - did everything possible to deliver in time for our exhibition and ended up early. Would recommend without hesitation.

10th March 2014 by Web Dynamics Ltd
Quality Product, Quality Service

Great service as always. The quality of the tablecloths and personalisation was spot on! A very happy client.

12th September 2013 by Concept Incentives Limited
Brilliant service!

We needed a tablecloth for exhibitions and we bought from Clear Prospects. There was a bit of going backwards and forwards as we needed the tablecloth immediately but couldn't supply the logo straightway. The tablecloth was supplied in time and then we sent it back for the logo to be added. We were very pleased with the result and more to the point, we were impressed with how good the service was - nothing seemed to be too much trouble. We would certainly go back if ever we wanted something else.

22nd August 2013 by Paul Redfern, British Deaf Association
If there was a sixth star option, I would award it. .

We receive excellent service which is backed up by a genuine effort to give 100% satisfaction. I cannot speak to highly of this company.

21st May 2013 by Steve Maguire. Zolitayre Ltd
Friendly helpful service

Friendly helpful service with that personal touch. The table cloths are a high quality product and I would have no hesitation in recommending to others.

14th March 2013 by M Nugent
Tablecloths our most popular line

Our British Made Exhibition Tablecloths are by far our most popular promotional merchandise item. We manufacture from just 1 unit and can brand in-house using heat transfer or vinyl film, though the latter is the most popular method as it looks stunning.

We we make all tablecloths to order, all can be made to any size though if you cannot find the costs and information you need within this product, please do get in touch with your brief.

300cm x 300cm seems to be the most popular size of tablecloth and we have plenty of stock coloured fabrics, and usually at fairly short notice to meet your deadlines. Please do give us as much time as you can though for manufacture just in case we are busy at the time you want to order.

18th May 2012 by Mike Robinson
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