Branding Options

Promotional Merchandise can be branded using a number of different print methods, though the choice is often governed by the product being branded and at what stage in the manufacture process they are to be printed.

Below is our own guide to the many types of branding we offer as a company.

When you review a Product within our web site you will see a tab called "Branding". By clicking this, you will see the branding methods that can be used for that specific product and no others so you know all options available to you.

Branding Option - Vinyl Film - Single Colour  
Branding example of a sports bib with 1 colour vinyl film onto the fabric

Vinyl film is a method of branding that we create in-house by the cutting of the logo or text from large sheets of vinyl film (think rolls of plastic).  

  • Great for large or small logos.
  • No backing film so the fabric and logo work perfectly...
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Branding Option - Vinyl "Flock" Film - Single Colour  
Vinyl flock film used to brand logos onto Fleece Fabric (shown here in white)

We use a special "flock" vinyl film to create logo's or text for fleece fabric or fabric with a raised pile.

  • Flock vinyl film has a slightly raised surface and is very tactile.
  • Used for cutting simple logo's, shapes and text....
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Branding Option - Heat Transfer - White Backing Film  
Heat Transfers shown in 2 colours with plotter cut circular edges

We create heat transfers in-house for smaller runs of branding where more than 1 colour is required, and can be transferred onto flat based fabrics such as polycotton or cottons.

  • Fast in-house branding solution.
  • Perfect for logos with tint and...
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Branding Option - Heat Transfer - No Backing Film  
Heat Transfer created for an eye mask with no backing film

Heat Transfers can be created with no backing film for larger orders which is perfectly suited to darker fabric products.

  • MOQ 100 units.
  • No white backing film on the heat transfer.
  • Perfect for printing to all fabric colours.
  • ...
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Branding Option - Embroidery  
Embroidery used to brand logos onto fleece and other fabrics

Embroidery is the classic way to brand textile products and it best suited on larger pieces of promotional merchandise where a quality look and feel is required.

  • Low MOQ 100 units for embroidery.
  • Costs depend on stitch count and therefore size of...
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Branding Option - Screen Printing  
A screen printed bag printed before manufacture to create and edge to edge look

Screen Printing is one of the cheapest forms of branding onto fabric and is best used when the fabric is of a flat nature eg onto polycotton or cotton fabrics.

  • Low cost option for branding onto fabric.
  • Can be printed to panels of fabric prior to...
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Branding Option - Woven Label - Multiple Colours  
Woven label shown in 2 colours sewn into a product side seam

Woven labels are one of our favourite methods to brand our products as they are discrete and of excellent quality and can be used in conjunction with other methods of branding a fabric based product.

  • Made to any size.
  • Costed by the size you...
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Branding Option - Printed Label  
Printed satin label shown here with text though could be a logo

Printed labels tend to be used for care or safety instructions like the label we have shown in our example though there is no reason they cannot be used as a low cost branding option for our products.

  • Low cost printed label.
  • Typically 1 colour...
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Branding Option - Sticky Label (63x38mm)  
63mm x 58mm Sticky Label shown for Earplugs in Plastic Vial

Sticky Labels can be created very easily and on fast turnaround in many shapes and sizes for your promotional merchandise.

Our labels are produced to different sizes for each of the different promotional merchandise items you are looking for and will only be shown...

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Branding Option - Heat Transfer (Plotter Cut)  
Plotter cut heat transfer shown here on a black exhibition tablecloth

Heat Transfers are made in up to full colour print for textile based Promotional Merchandise and can be plotter cut to shape to create a more effective method of branding large or small format prints.

  • Create your artwork in full colour, high res EPS or PDF...
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