Logo Antimacassar Head Rest Covers with Full Colour Pantone Print

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Full Colour Logo Printed Antimacassar Head Rest CoversFull Colour Logo Printed Antimacassar Head Rest Covers
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Full Colour Logo Printed Antimacassar Head Rest CoversFull Colour Logo Printed Antimacassar Head Rest Covers with Edge to Edge Print

Logo Printed Antimacassar Promotional Head Rest Covers with Full Colour Pantone Matched Colours are made from our luxury photo fabric which is capable of taking full colour or photography based images and looks amazing when used for promotional merchandise perhaps on exhibition event chairs.

  • UK Made Head Rest Covers.
  • Any size up to 58cm x 40cm size.
  • Luxury mock-suede fabric.
  • Branded in-house using dye sub process.
  • Choice of fastenings and hems.
  • MOQ from just 1 unit.
  • Fabric fire rating (see FAQ tab).
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Brand Owners and Distributors please register or log in to display and order at trade prices. Individuals may order below at £4.00 + VAT (RRP) without registering. Set up Fees will only apply if you choose to have this item printed.

Set up - Dye Sub£30

Ordering and Options

Head Rest Covers, or antimacassars as they are known are a great promotional item.  We manufacture them in our own British factory so there are no large minimum order quantities and can be made to any shape and style.

Our promotional head rest covers are costed here up to 58cm x 40cm though we can make to any size if you have a particular seat they need to fit.  We always recommend that you test the covers before any main production run.  Most popular as a size is actually 58cm x 30cm so please select the size you want carefully depending on the seat you have the covers fitting over.

One of the benefits if you use our white dye sub fabric is there is no limit to the colours in print as even full colour photography can be used and the inks are dyed into the fabric itself.

When designing artwork for logo's the print works out better in RGB format for colour matching in the dye sub process.  Add a 5mm bleed to the final print size on all 4 sides.

Please be aware that this is a manually intensive process to make the covers but it does produce stunning results.  Lead time will depend as a result on how busy we are at the time when you wish to order so we always ask for at least 3-4 weeks on smaller orders, and much longer for larger quantities.  If you have a date of an event in mind, please do get in touch before ordering and try to send us the artwork in mind at the same time so we can check the print will be ok though often we can manufacture smaller batches of the antimacassars in a matter of days.

APPROX. PACKING SPEC: Actual packing specification may vary depending on the quantity ordered though this will act as a guide for the antimacassars.

  • Each antimacassar folded in half.
  • 25 units per polybag.
  • 10 polybag packs per carton (250 units).
  • Carton size 60x21x30cm.
  • Carton weight 14kg.

Please see the FAQs about the fabric fire rating if this is important for your promotional use.

There are a number of ways to brand this product which are shown below as a guide.

The image and descriptions are generic but should help you understand how it may look on your product.

If you have any special requirements, please email us your brief.

Branding Option - Woven Label - Multiple Colours  
Woven label shown in 2 colours sewn into a product side seam

Woven labels are one of our favourite methods to brand our products as they are discrete and of excellent quality and can be used in conjunction with other methods of branding a fabric based product.

  • Made to any size.
  • Costed by the size you...
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Branding Option - Dye Sub Fabric  
Full edge to edge dye sub print on a full colour logo cushion

As a manufacturer with dye sub capabilities in-house, we use this process to dye-sub photography or full colour images onto special fabric and then make the printed fabric into finished products.

  • In-house dye sub printing to fabric.
  • Great for print...
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Is the fabric used Fire Rated ?

The poly-suede fabric we usually use for these dye-sub printed promotional head rest covers is fire rated by our fabric supplier to BS EN 1021-1 : 1994 Furniture Assessment of the ignitability of upholstered furniture, Smouldering Cigarette; BS EN 1021-2 : 1994 Furniture - Assessment of the ignitability of upholstered furniture, Match Flame Equivalent.

Copies of the latest certificate can be supplied on request though please note, our promotional head rest covers DO NOT meet any other fire certification including that required by the aviation industry (OUR FABRIC SUPPLIER HAS NOT TESTED FOR AVIATION REQUIREMENTS).  If Fire Ratings are important for your use, please contact us prior to ordering for confirmation of your specific needs.

Can I have edge to edge printing on the head rest cover ?

Yes. Please design to +10mm on all 4 sides of the rectangle of fabric that you require and we print with full coverage in full colour including photography or designed images and logos.

How do I know what is on the front or the back of the chair in my design ?

We cut a single rectangular or square of fabric to your own size.  We then print based on the full coverage of the artwork you supply to fit that shape of fabric.  It is safe to assume that a larger rectangle will go up the front, over the top and down the back of a chair given the rectangular shape.  Sometimes clients just want a square or smaller rectangle to go down the front of the chair.  Basically design your artwork to the shape you want knowing that you have the max print area at +10mm on all edges, and catering for any artwork "upside down" for the back of the chair.  The base fabric is pure white and you can flood print with any design. We print as you supply.

Will the colours match my pantone logo requirements ?

We use the artwork you design and send to us in the printing process.  Colours change ever so slightly in the heat process though this is limited most when printing in RGB format so we always recommend that logos and all artwork (other than pure photography) is supplied in RGB format.  You will then hardly notice any change in colour if anything at all.

How black is black using dye sub ?

Dye sub will print black but the black will never be a deep solid black due to the heat processing.  Black comes out a very very dark grey, almost black indeed and is very good but if you wanted a black flooded background, we mention this only as we would recommend you considering the polycotton antimacassars with vinyl film print if this is suitable.  The pre dyed black polycotton fabric is much deeper black than the dye sub will print.

Can I order a single printed sample ?

Yes.  The cost of the set up includes a pre production sample for your order when printed.

Can I change the way it fits to the chair ?

Yes.  We use one side of hook or loop or elastic at the sides though you can change this on request.  It is very unlikely to change costs if a nominal change is required.

Why do you offer plain stock when they clearly have to be printed ?

We price the plain stock for clients that might want to do their own dye sub printing.  It also allows us to cost the printing for one or both sides and present these options on our system.

Does the fabric fray ?

No. The edges are cut to the fabric and are not hemmed as they do not fray.

Brand Owners and Distributors please register or log in to display and order at trade prices. Individuals may order below at £4.00 + VAT (RRP) without registering. Set up Fees will only apply if you choose to have this item printed.

Set up - Dye Sub£30
Antimacassars work wonderfully The antimacassars are just the job for seat reservation signs.
18th October 2017 by Ian Burgess
Full Colour Logo Printed Antimacassar Head Rest Covers - AMAZING! The team at BMPM were really helpful. They understood the designs we gave them and were more than happy to make us samples. The colours matched our colour pallete down to a t and the covers look fantastic. Thanks so much!!
19th May 2017 by Hampstead Theatre
Headrest Covers Great product, Great Printing, Great Communication. We arrange the head rest covers at very short notice and the team where exceptional, in the highly stressful situation. I would just like to say a massive thank you to Michael who was totally amazing.
7th December 2016 by Momentum Hub
All round great service I order some headrests for a photoshoot and was really impressed by the outstanding customer service and very informative staff. The items arrived much quicker than I had expected and were of the best quality. This is the first time I have written a review on a website, but because I was so impressed I thought I had to.
12th October 2016 by Kate - Aviation Designer
Directors Review of the Dye Sub Antimacassar Head Rest Covers

These head rest covers are great and use our premium dye sub photo fabric to create stunning full colour logos and images onto antimacassars.

Our covers are British Made and we print them in-house to keep costs as low as possible for you though we also supply them plain stock for clients that want to print their own using the dye sub process.

MOQs start from just 1 unit so even the smallest event can have fully branded covers for the seats. Antimacassars are used in planes and coaches but also on company office chairs at exhibitions and events to help promote a product or service.

Our costs cover our standard size as shown though we can make them smaller (at the same cost) or even larger if you have a special requirement though of course these need to be re-costed.

Please also chat to us about how you want to fasten them to the chairs at your event as we have a number of methods available.

21st March 2013 by Michael Robinson
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