Branded Cushions on Water Resistant Fabric

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Branded Cushions with full-colour print to both sides, manufactured in the UK from a premium water-resistant fabric for promotional use:

  • Water resistant photo fabric.
  • Full colour printed (dye-sub) edge to edge on both sides.
  • Any size up to 57cm x 40cm.
  • Filled with hypoallergenic polyester fibre.
  • British Made Logo Cushions.
  • MOQ from 1 unit.

Our YouTube video shows just how water resistant this photo cushion is.

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Brand Owners and Distributors please register or log in to display and order at trade prices. Individuals may order below at £14.00 + VAT (RRP) without registering. Set up Fees will only apply if you choose to have this item printed.

Set up - Dye Sub£30

Ordering and Options

Branded Water Resistant Cushions are intended to be used at outdoor events, exhibitions, restaurant seating areas, festivals and product launches to promote a logo, design or marketing message while providing comfort and removing the worry of these being affected by adverse weather. 
Of course these branded cushions can be used indoors in just the same way so please don’t feel they have to be exclusively outdoor cushions. 
The fabric we use is fully water resistant meaning that water (or rain) literally runs off the fabric due to its silky water-resistant coating and you can rest assured that water will not soak into the cushion.  We can't call these promotional cushions "waterproof" as the seams in sewing aren't sealed and taped up inside though the fabric itself is water resistant.  Don't worry if a tiny amount of water does go into the seams as the polyester fibre we use inside is also water resistant and will come to no harm if it did get wet.

Branded Water Resistant Cushions come printed with your design as standard on both sides within the costs.  We have to use the same fabric on both sides for obvious water resistant reasons and we can print either the same image on both sides, or you can have a different image to the back.  You can also consider a pantone matched block colour print for the back to make a more eye-catching design for your outdoor furniture or promotional product.

Size is on your side too as we make all promotional cushions to order and starting at just 1 unit upwards, you can have almost any shape or size and quantity you like for your event. 

DELIVERY COSTS : costs indicated are for the base size logo cushion of 35x25cm.  The larger cushion delivery costs considerably more as they are bulky.  To obtain costs for your required quantity place the item at the right size and quantity into the shopping basked and delivery costs will be shown.

Printed cushion size is also optional as an extra cost to the standard 360mm x 250mm costed.

  • Finished 360x250mm - design to 375x266mm in RGB.
  • Finished 250x250mm - design to 255x255mm in RGB.
  • Finished 400x400mm - design to 410x410mm in RGB.
  • Finished 570x400mm - design to 580x410mm in RGB.


  • 36cm x 25cm - 10 per carton, 60x40x30cm, dead weight 3.1kg.
  • 40cm x 40cm - 5 per carton, 60x40x30cm, dead weight 5.0kg.

These water resistant logo cushions can be printed in up to full colour and on both sides as standard.  Printing in RGB format when designing your own artwork works best though the print can take photography in just as great a detail.

If you don't want your design on both side, why not consider a solid block of colour to the back that will match the front of the cushion.  Either way the fabric can take single or multiple colours... or if you really don't want a print on the back, the fabric is white.

Are these branded cushionspillows waterproof ?

No. The fabric is totally water resistant but we have not sealed the stitched seams to make the cushions fully waterproof.  Water resistancy means water litterally bounces off the fabric and wont be absorbed as you can see on the images of these cushions.

Are these cushions ok to use outdoors ?

Yes. The fabric is designed to be water resistant so perfect for outdoor use at parties and events.

Can I have larger cushions that shown ?

Yes. We can make the cushions literally to any size though the print area is restricted to within a max. area of 57cm x 40cm or smaller.  If you are part printing the area, say for a logo in the middle or in one corner say, the background fabric needs to be white on the print area.  Any cushions at 57cm x 40cm or smaller can have an all-over edge-to-edge print if you need them to.

Can I have just 1 side printed on the cushions ?

Yes. We use the same water resistant fabric on both sides of the cushion.  The fabric is pure white before printing so you can choose to have your logo design on one of both sides at the same cost.  You could also consider a complete colour fill in plain design on the back and creating a colour that matches the front of the cushion.  Either way, we use the same fabric on both sides no matter whether you choose to have the fabric printed or not.

What are the cushions filled with ?

We use a luxury spiral-twisted polyester fibre that springs back to life time and time again to make sure your cushions look great and feel good.  The fibre we use passes the fire requirements of BS5852 so are safe to use.

Are these logo cushions retail quality ?

Yes. Our logo cushions are made fully to order in the UK and are of the best quality in materials and workmanship.  They are often used as promotional products for events and offices and reception areas as they look stunning.

Brand Owners and Distributors please register or log in to display and order at trade prices. Individuals may order below at £14.00 + VAT (RRP) without registering. Set up Fees will only apply if you choose to have this item printed.

Set up - Dye Sub£30
Perfect branding for our event! I ordered these cushions for an event and needed them to be bright and branded, they were exactly that, not to mention super soft and comfortable and arrived on time. Thanks for the help and the great product, it really added some wow factor branding to our event
28th June 2018 by Lia
Directors Review of the Water Resistant Logo Cushion

What a find this fabric was, it takes a print to the same quality as our luxury mock suede photo fabric and is fully water resistant. Water literally runs off the fabric when I tested it under the hosepipe and will make for a great outdoors promotional product to use at events and exhibitions.

The texture of the fabric is lovely, it has a slight texture in the weave but feels silky to the touch because of the water resistant coating.

28th April 2015 by Michael Robinson
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