Branding Option - Vinyl Film - Single Colour

Vinyl film is a method of branding that we create in-house by the cutting of the logo or text from large sheets of vinyl film (think rolls of plastic).  

  • Great for large or small logos.
  • No backing film so the fabric and logo work perfectly together.
  • Maximum height 41cm but made to any width per run.
  • Fast in-house turnaround.
  • Our clients most popular method of branding textiles.

Once plotter cut on the system, the background to the vinyl film is peeled off (known as weeding) to leave the text or logo to be heat pressed onto the fabric, again using special heat presses we have in-house.

This method of branding promotional merchandise lends itself to relatively small quantities of products, say less than 1000 units at a time though can be used to create logos from the smallest to very largest sizes.  We have created logos in vinyl at only 2cm right through to 200cm in size which demonstrates its versatility.

Typically the vinyl film method of branding is used for smoother or flat based fabrics such as polycotton drill or other similar fabric materials though we do have a special flock based vinyl that is suitable for fleece fabric.

Pantone matching is not possible with vinyl film though we do have many many stock colours available including for special jobs shiny silver or even patterned vinyls.

Vinyl film is wash tested by our supplier of the raw materials and will withstand all methods of general washing or dry cleaning as a guide as it has been designed especially for clothing and fabric application.  We will select the most appropriate type of film for your fabric once we understand your brief.

Branding example of a sports bib with 1 colour vinyl film onto the fabric