Branding Option - Screen Printing

Screen Printing is one of the cheapest forms of branding onto fabric and is best used when the fabric is of a flat nature eg onto polycotton or cotton fabrics.

  • Low cost option for branding onto fabric.
  • Can be printed to panels of fabric prior to manufacture if required.
  • Spot pantone colours from 1 to 12 colours per logo available.
  • Size restricted usually to a maximum of 28cm square.
  • MOQ 100 units.
  • Not suitable for fleece fabric.

Screen printing printed using spot colours only and we have historically created spot screen printing up to 12 colours as shown on the image against this section of our site.

Set up costs are charged per colour, and then a cost per colour is costed depending on the size of the screen printing to be made.  A maximum size of 28cm in height is common among many screen printers though some can be done larger if required.  Our own screen printers are limited to a minimum quantity of 100 units and also the 28cm maximum size and often it is cheaper for our clients to arrange their own screen printing once we have manufactured the product itself and supplied plain stock.

One benefit of screen printing is that we can have the panels of cut fabric printed before we sew up the finished product.  This can then look like proper edge-to-edge printing and can finish off a bag or other product very nicely for a unique and good quality look.  Our image of the beachcroft bag was printed in this way before we made the finished product.

Please email us the design requirements if you need anything other than standard screen printing.  Our costs within the trade pricing on our products include all standard elements including set up and delivery of the products to and from our screen printers.

A screen printed bag printed before manufacture to create and edge to edge look