Branding Option - Pad Printing

Pad Printing is a low cost printing method usually suited to hard products rather than textiles though can on occasion be used onto fabric.

  • Low cost printing option.
  • Small logo's only.
  • Can be more than 1 colour depending on the logo and product.

Pad Printing is a great low cost method of branding typically hard based products such as earplug cases, pens and other such flat or rounded items.

The inks used in the pad printing process will be dictated by the product that is being printed though often they are very think in the layer paid down and can sometimes show the background colour through when using this process on fabric based products.  Our eye masks are a good example here where you can have them pad printed to save cost, but the ink colour of say white, will look grey when printed onto the black fabric of the mask.

Our earplugs in the plastic case shown as our example are perfect for pad printing where the surface of the product being printed is rounded.  More than 1 colour of ink can be used but the logo needs to be relatively simple for the registration to happen accurately in the process.

Pad printing is a fast method to print large quantities of items with your logo or text.


  • Print Area for Earplugs is 30mm tall and 10mm wide.
  • Example size shown.
Pad Printing example showing 1 colour onto Earplug Metal Cases