Branding Option - Heat Transfer - White Backing Film

We create heat transfers in-house for smaller runs of branding where more than 1 colour is required, and can be transferred onto flat based fabrics such as polycotton or cottons.

  • Fast in-house branding solution.
  • Perfect for logos with tint and tones or photography images.
  • Any size up to A3.
  • Can be plotter cut to shape.
  • Ideal for smaller quantity orders from 1 unit upward.

Heat Transfers are used where tints and tones of colours or even photography based images and logos are needed to be applied to a products tpyically made from coloured fabrics.

In-house we can create logos up to a maximum size of A3 and up to full colour photography based requirements.  Tiny logos can also be created within this size and costs all depend on the size and quantity of the logo you need creating.

We can plotter cut around logos to create heat transfers in shapes that match the outer edge of your design as an option.  When you create your artwork, please use a single hairline around the entire shape for our machinery to follow this line, though it must be a single line.

Our in-house heat transfers are printed using special inks onto white backing film that is then heat pressed onto the fabric to stick in place and will create a film that is washable using normal 40 degree washes.

This method uses a white backing film as stated which means that this white film will show clearly when pressed for example onto dark or coloured (or even white) fabrics.  This works for some logos and not for others though is something we are fixed with in-house.  You could always design the logo if required with a coloured background in the design that would match the fabric being used though again, this will always show as a contrast.

The heat transfer process will always fade most colours so it is important when designing artwork to account for this.  Please also design in RGB format in at least 300dpi resolution and create plotter cutting lines as hairlines in a contrasting colour on a seperate layer.

Our heat transfers are perfect for smaller quantities though, where larger quantities over 100 units are required, it will be more cost effective for you to use our transparent backing filmed heat transfers which are written about seperately.

Heat Transfers shown in 2 colours with plotter cut circular edges