Branding Option - Dye Sub Fabric

As a manufacturer with dye sub capabilities in-house, we use this process to dye-sub photography or full colour images onto special fabric and then make the printed fabric into finished products.

  • In-house dye sub printing to fabric.
  • Great for print runs in high quality for premium products.
  • Maximum 600mm x 420mm size per print.
  • Perfect for smaller items such as pillows, bunting, flags etc.
  • Flag fabric and also premium photo fabrics available.

The dye sub process involves taking you image and printing using special inks onto a dye-sub paper.  This paper is then heat pressed onto our special white fabric which then dyes the inks into the fabric itself.  The inks are permenant and will not wash off.

Once heat pressed, the fabric can then be used to make short runs of smaller bespoke products such as cushions, flags, bunting and other such items.

We have the capability to dye sub only to a maximum of 600mm x 420mm size in house which has its limitations as from this fabric size, we then have to cut and sew into a finished product though the end result is supherb.

We have a number of products shown on our consumer web site that use this process where we sell individual personalised items with a persons photo pressed to the products in this way.  Please have a look at this site for inspiration and the use of the dye sub process for your promotional merchandise though come back to this site when ready to place a trade order.

When designing images for the dye sub process you should be aware that colours will tend to look a tad faded in the processing so it is important you design to strong colours and in RGB format.  Photography looks great though and these tend not to fade the colours.  Once you send artwork to us we will check the colour references to the printed sample sheets we have at the factory and ensure we get as close a colour match as possible though will discuss this at the stage your order is received.

Full edge to edge dye sub print on a full colour logo cushion